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To capture the essence of an event with a camera the photographer must have both technical ability as well as a passion for what they do.  That is the way I approach my profession.  Anyone can learn the technical aspects of operating a camera editing in Photoshop, etc.  But the individual who has a passion and an eye for the image and makes the event come alive to the viewer wins every time.  Like many, I wanted to capture moments and memories.  From there I moved to sports and now include concerts, people and landscapes in my repertoire.  To quote the overused Rod Stewart line, “every pictures tells a story don’t it.”  Photojournalism is a real phenomenon.  It goes beyond the simple image to the feel, the smell and the sounds of the event.  If the photo makes you feel like you are there, if you get that visceral response….then I have in some small way succeeded.  That is the passion and that is what I hope to provide to you with my work.


I am based in Charlotte, North Carolina but will be happy to travel under the proper circumstances.  If the images that you see here strike your fancy, if my approach to photography is what you are looking for, then please feel free to contact me regarding your needs.

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