The Women’s World Cup-Canada Bound!

Well, it all begins again.  Currently sitting in Dallas waiting for my connection.  I have been slow to blog since the World Cup last summer in Brazil, but today left for Edmonton, Alberta Canada to shoot at the WWC.  Two games for the opener on Saturday, Sunday to Winnipeg and then finish this stretch with the US team in Vancouver on the 16th.  Back to Charlotte the next day with a return to Vancouver on July 4th weekend for the finals which the US will hopefully be playing in.  As always, traveling light is not in my vocabulary.  I hope to borrow a 600, f4 for some of the matches from Canon Professional Services.  But if things go right, two remotes and also brought my trusty 300, 2.8, a great lens particularly if you are shooting with a 600.  Below, see my bags at the airport.  My travelpro has three Canon 1DX bodies, 200-400, 70-200, 24-70, 16-35, 14 and 85.  The backpack has another 1DX, two 5D Mark IIIs for remotes and a 300 mm lens.

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Of course the problem in a trip like this is that you can go light, but pocket wizards, battery chargers etc make for a lot of stuff.  Do you bring one macbook or also a backup.  This made for a lot of extra stuff as well as having to plan for weather that may go from a low of 50 to a high of near 90.  Clothing essentially makes up one of the stacked black bags.  Did have to bring extra stuff for two days of fishing going after Northern Pike and Walleye with my son David…excited.  All for now as I must get to my connecting flight to Edmonton

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