Let the games begin!!

The media center opens at 11 AM for a start time of 4 PM.  Brazil was many fold larger than this event but Canada wins for level of disorganization.  In part, I expect that it is related to the number of photographers.  Over 600 for the men and about 200 for the women.  The layers that one has to go through to get on the field are many.  Credentialing for the overall event is the first step, then a specific game seat is required and you are not allowed to move except at half time.  Since I am not from Canada and do not shoot one of the teams playing I am in group three…not good.  Well, it turns out that given the lack of photographers, wasn’t a problem, got a good seat on the end-line.


Time to get camera bodies ready as we get to go on the pitch in 30 minutes, more later.

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