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The last time I posted about matches we were near the end of the group stage.  When we are at that point, the games change.  Some teams do not need to win to move on and others are desperate.  Often the games are sleepers.  As I went to France vs Ecuador I was excited because France was emerging as one of the dominant teams in the WC and I favorite to go far in the tournament.  This match was played at Maracana so no significant travel was required, very exciting.  Unfortunately, the game was a bit boring ending up 0-0.  France won their group and Ecuador was done.


The US match against Germany was the next day, would have liked to be there, but oh well.  You all know the outcome and that the US moved on.  For all of the nay sayers who are now saying that the US had gone this far before, I would remind you that we were in the “group of death.”  That many thought there was no chance that we could move on.  Of course today we know that we are out with the extra time loss to Belgium.  I can tell you that the word on the street in Brazil is that the US has made huge positive steps.  I absolutely agree with this and would remind you that many of the players on this team were there to be developed for our team four years from now.  Very exciting!


After the group stage we move to round of 16, quarter, semi and then finals.  My first round of 16 match was Columbia vs Uruguay.  Of course Uruguay was still smarting from the Suarez vampire incident where he bit Chiellini from Italy and received a lengthy suspension.  A hard fought match with Colombia victorious to have the honor of playing Brazil.  I have talked to many who think that Colombia could beat Brazil during the 5 PM match tomorrow.  A couple of shots from that match below:

David Ospina


Juan Guillermo Cuadrado









Argentina vs Switzerland seemed like a no brainer for a great match.  Argentina on of the pre-WC favorites hadn’t shown much so it was time to let people know that they were a real contender.  Wishful thinking!  0-0 after regular time and decided by a goal in the second overtime period.  Impressed that the Argentina fans were so happy given that another performance like that will not get them anywhere.  One of the interesting parts of the matches are often the fans shown below.

Fans prior to the match







Fans prior to the match












Fans prior to the match

These are great, but what follows is for me what it is all about.  First, the only and winning goal.  This shot taken from about 130 yards away:

Switzerland goalie Diego Benaglio dives as the winning goal is scored by Angel di Maria.

Although getting a shot like this is important, the reaction is critical.  Here, Angel di Maria moves to the corner to celebrate his goal with his teammates.

Angel di Maria

Until I looked at this during editing, I had no idea what I had captured.  All of the Argentina fans up and cheering and the solitary player moving across the field…very cool.  Of course, there are winners and there are losers.  Many are old enough to remember ABCs Wide World of Sports.  It would always start with the “thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.  Relatively easy to catch one or the other as this picture of one of the Swiss players following the game demonstrates.

A Swiss player sits after the game.









However, when you get the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, it is unmistakable!

Argentina and Switzerland players after the game.

It’s late, the internet is not working well and early wake up in the morning for France v Germany…more to come!


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