World Cup begins tomorrow

Today was a day for odds and ends.  But first, my home away from home for 5+ weeks:

wc 6-11-14-3








This is the place, my room in the upper left corner.  This AM I went to town shown here:

wc 6-11-14-2

Picked up tickets for my son.  No significant lines…good news.  But also no more tickets available….bad news.  Media credentials are a multi-step process.  First, go to Maracana, the famous stadium in Rio and get the first credential, here I am getting my picture taken for the credential:

wc 6-11-14-1








Now part two at the media center is to get the media guide, bib and parking passes.

wc 6-11-14

wcmedia pass



Of course, they do not have parking passes for the game in the AM.  I have to park at the stadium to get a parking pass…makes perfect sense, haha!


Tomorrow morning, 5 AM departure for Sao Paolo for the opener, Brazil v Croatia.  Allowing 9 hours for q 5-6 hour trip, crazy!!


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  1. Miranda Brown June 11, 2014 11:11 pm #

    Love the new hair cut. You should keep. Have Fun! Miranda Brown your coffee buddy.

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