The beat goes on

Well, after the Belo fiasco had the opportunity to shoot Spain vs Chile.  Unfortunate game for Spain.  My how the mighty have fallen.  Won the World Cup four years ago an now repeatedly being spanked first by the Netherlands and now by Chile.  Great shooting night from the end line.  Here Diego Costa attempts a bicycle kick, could not have been positioned better.

Diego Costa

Next day (yesterday) was Uruguay vs England in Sao Paolo.  Both teams playing for the opportunity to move on with the loser going home after one more game.I checked the weather, dry and in the 70s…haha.  It was about 60 degrees and rainy.  Get to the game, have my computer and camera equipment out and the grounds crew while wetting the field drenches my equipment…perfect.  After being pissed off, no harm done.  Here your trusty photographer before the game with six layers of clothes on.











Great game.  Picture of Rooney’s goal a perfect example of being lucky, yes I made the shot (so did he) but my seat was in the perfect place.

Wayne Rooney

I also managed to get a shot of the first goal by Luis Suarez.  In this case I was shooting with my 200-400 and so the widest I could go was 200 mm.  Not sufficient to get all of the goal keeper in the shot, but still a great shot and to be honest, quite fortunate.

Luis Suarez

Great night in spite of the rain and cold.  Very happy with the games and the improvements in my shooting.  Tomorrow Belo Horizonte for Argentina.  They unfortunately play Iran…should be interesting.

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