The Complexities of the World Cup

I arrived on Friday and was dead tired.  Missed my connection on Helsinki and the drive from the airport was over an hour so not much left to do in the day except situate.  Time change is always difficult, particularly after limited sleep on the airplane.  The next day it was off to the stadium to get my game credential and bib.  Long distance, hot weather and difficulty with getting back to the hotel (took 45 minutes to get a taxi).  Two matches yesterday, France beat Argentina, probably Messi’s last international match.  Uruguay beat Portugal, also probably the last international match for Ronaldo.

When I came to the stadium yesterday, they told me that I should arrive at 10 AM to get a good place in line.  In spite of falling asleep late, got up and headed to the stadium (a 10 min ride) ion the shuttle bus.  It took the driver 40 minutes to figure out how to get to the stadium.  Still made it early enough that I am eighth in line for my group which is unfortunately group 3.  That means all group 1 and 2 photographers for first.

The next problem;em was finding out that my pocket wizards needed to be registered.  A long process to resolve this and I have registration in process.  The biggest issue with remotes is the rain today which may mitigate against using remotes, we will see.


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