Croatia v England

It is hard for people who haven’t been to a FIFA event to understand the process.  In the US when you are credentialed to shoot an event, you show up and you shoot it.  For FIFA you are credentialed for the event, meaning  the World Cup and then you have to apply for the specific game.  Once you are credentialed for the game you are put in a group which defines the order with which you can request a specific seat around the pitch.  The big agencies get the best seats before you even get to choose.  If your country is in the match then you are in group 1, there are also groups 2 and 3.  For this match I received “not approved” which is different from rejected.  Rejected means don’t show up.  Not approved means that you can be on the wanting list.  Unfortunately, there were only 4-5 open chairs for the waiting list which had over 50 names.  The good news was that they in part do it by country and I didn’t have US competition……made it on the pitch.

Within five minutes, England scores a goal off of a set piece, my spot for this was great!









Unfortunately, while England had many good attempts and played aggressively, they were unsuccessful, eventually backed off on their aggressiveness and Croatia was energized, came charging back and won on extra time.  So a France v Croatia final.  Some other shots from the match including a header that a Croatia defender headed out of the goal that would have put England up 2-0.








So back to where I was before the last match, ideal would be to get approved, we will see.  A few more days for the World Cup, today is Friday and the final is Sunday.



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