The Glamor of the World Cup, haha

One of the things that I here repeatedly is how lucky I am to be shooting the World Cup.  That is certainly true, but it is not all peaches and cream.  Today was a great day to bring that home.  First, showed up at the media center for opening to check things out.  Learned a few things.  In Brazil there were about 700 credentialed photographers, Canada, 200.  But there are only 80 places for photographers on the field.  Why?  No good reason, just the way they did it.  So, some may not get seats on the field.  I am in group 3 which makes that more likely.  Checked with Canon Professional Services to see if they would be at the Women’s World Cup…of course we will.  They left out that they will be at the opener and then the semifinals on.  Not Winnipeg or Vancouver for this trip.  Oh well!  So much for the 600 mm lens I was going to use.


Here is the media center:

Big problem, although all of the photos will not be at this site, there are only seats for 80….need to get there early!!


Of course, they have an elevator to get us down to the media center and then down to the field.  Too bad, take the stairs, always fun when carrying a Pelican Case loaded to weigh 50+ pounds.  And, incredibly steep to boot!


It’s not all bad.  CPS was there today and I was able to get all 4 Canon 1DX bodies cleaned as well as having my 200-400, 70-200, 24-70 and 16-35 cleaned.  None were very dirty but learned that one body has a couple of scratches on the sensor.  A very expensive repair.  Good news is that it is unlikely to show up when shooting with my usual f stop.  Probably happened because a  bit of dirt got in and scratched the sensor.  Can’t wait to find out the cost of a replacement sensor.


Enough whining!  The good news is that tomorrow I get to shoot two matches to kick off the world cup.  When I started on this road the WC was one of my three goals.  I am here, I am psyched and I am ready to go.

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