Made it to Edmonton, weather is cool and justifies the extra clothes I packed.  The stadium was about 2 miles from the hotel, a comfortable walk through Little Italy with a stop for a double espresso.  Very different from Brazil.  A much less populated city and a lot less going on around the stadium for the opener.  Credentials were easy…

blog  0016Of course after walking in and getting my credential, I had to get my photographers bib, the critical item that allows you on the pitch.  Unfortunately, not open until two hours later, oh well.  Found a seat in the stadium that I should not have been allowed to walk into.  Security is tight, very similar to Brazil, haha.

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Here it is, where the opening games of the Women’s World Cup will happen on Saturday.  Looks very empty now, but it will be rocking come Saturday.  On the far end, a stage where Sarah McLachlan and others will perform.  The exact size of the stadium is not known, but it exceeds 50,000.  Heading to the media room, I learned that Commonwealth Stadium is not photographer friendly…STAIRS..!!!  Stairs to the room and stairs to the pitch, no fun to carry a 50 lb Pelican case up or down multiple stairs.

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On arrival in the media room, I was first there.  Two photographers from China were also there wearing New England Patriots gear…yeah!!  No deflate gate in Bejing.  One was wearing a Brady shirt.  I had my choice of numbers and passed up number one to get lucky 13!!  That’s two world cups in a row.  Barring a shift away from Russia, probably the end of the streak.  Now hurry up and wait.  Downloading and preparing rosters, captions, etc.  That’s all for now folks.


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