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Having never written a blog before, I’m not really certain what to include.  You my reader, probably do not want to hear about some of the travails of the plumbing systems in a third world country…yes the bathrooms are challenging (god I’m PC).


But there are other interesting dilemmas that arise.  As always, I packed way more than I should have, but still don’t own enough let alone can pack enough to last over five weeks.  So of course, use a washing machine, nope, don’t have a washing machine.  Send it out…where….hmmm.  So, a couple of weeks ago ask to get a bag of clothes washed.  Took a few days, get the back, shirts wrinkled (sorry, call me crazy).  Decide at that point that this doesn’t work.  What does an ingenious person do in that setting.  Well of course, you create your own washing machine.  Here it is:


Yes, this is my washing machine purchased for 4 real (less than $2) at the local hardware store.  Every day, my clothes go in the bucket, add soap, water, mix it up, rinse it out and you have clean clothes which then dry in the sun (if there is any) on the rail outside of your room.  Yes, I know, when I return, I will have multiple requests to help others with their laundry, momma said there’d be days like this!


But you of course ask, where does the water come from?  If you didn’t, pretend.  That comes from the shower of course:


Here is the shower head.  I get at least a trickle of marginally warm water that is “heated” by an electric coil.  It is warm enough that you don’t feel like you are taking a cold shower and cold enough that the process is soap up, rinse off, get out…quick.  To make the process complete, I have included my bath mat:


Where do they come up with stuff like this, yes it’s dirty!  Flip flop shown to remind me that I will not get into the shower without wearing them because it is simply dirty.

Of course, it’s not all bad here.  My son arrived last Saturday in time for us to go to a match in Rio.  Here he finds us at the airport:


Yesterday, we went to the Barra (pronounced Baha).  It is the most recent beach after the Copacabana and Leblon.  Development began less than 15 years ago.  It’s frankly beautiful and this is where third world ends.  Upscale, fancy but relatively cheap (2 BR condo on the beach 400K).  We went there yesterday, then to a shopping mall which was indistinguishable from a US mall.  Finished up at my second Brazilian steakhouse.  In the spirit of honesty neither have been as good as what I have had in the states.  Although, I am still not complaining.  I leave this blog with pictures from yesterday:


















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