On to the Semi Finals

Thirteen matches, 29,915 images, seventy hours in cars and one trip that ended up in an accident, we are now down to four teams, three matches and a world champion!  My quarter finals began on July 4th with the Germany vs France match in Rio.  Two teams considered pre-WC favorites to make it to the finals now meeting in a quarter finals match at Maracana in Rio.  Germany scores very early in the match.  I have had a love-hate relationship with remote setups.  They can be difficult, sometimes they simply do not work and you do the best that you can do.  Prior to coming to Brazil I struggled with whether or not to hard wire all of my remotes.  Although they work perfectly there are many downsides including the bulk of the equipment and its weight.  At the end of the day, I decided, no can do.  Remote cameras can be triggered with pocket wizards which work with an RF signal.  One problem is that there is so much potential interfering RF in the stadium that your pocket wizard can be interfered with.  One approach that can help with this and the possibility that another photographer may be on the same channel is to have pocket wizard create unique channels to give less likelihood of interference.  At the end of the day, you need a certain amount of luck which includes being at the right goal at the right time.

Hugo Lloris


Hugo Lloris









Here, things worked out perfectly from the shots to the exposure.  I wish that the game were as good.  After the goal, Germany played to protect there lead…boring!


Next day was to Brasilia for Argentina vs Belgium.  My fourth Argentina match of the tournament.  7 AM flight to Brasilia, 4:30 AM wake up.  Made it to Brasilia, got to the match, made it back today.




Lionel Messi









Vincent Kompany




Divock Origi, Martin Demichelis











Above, shots from yesterdays Argentina v Belgium match.  Argentina was clearly the best team but Belgium put up a great fight.  Not the best game ever, but not a bad match.


So we move onward, credentials for the semi-final match between Germany and Brazil.  Brazil will be playing without Neymar (injury) and Silva (cards) have to believe that Germany is the favorite in spite of home court.  Argentina v Netherlands the next day, my bet is on Netherlands and a Germany vs Netherlands final.




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