The Best Laid Plans

Today started out as a great day.  6:00 AM departure for Belo Horizonte.  Clear, no rain and not too hot.  Good day to start using remotes and also planned to try to get a loan of a 600  mm, f4.  The drive to Belo is though winding mountain roads and when the curves lessen a good opportunity for sleep.  What a surprise when I was awakened by a yell to find myself in a car that was rotating 360 degrees  while I was looking through the front at the guard rail.  The good news was that the driver felt something going in the front end and had slowed down

photo 3

photo 2









This isn’t quite how the play was diagrammed.  Too far to get to Belo Horizonte so came back to Rio…oh well.  The good new, spain tomorrow and after what happened against Netherlands they should come out with all guns blazing.












photo 1



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