One Week

Well, I left for Rio one week ago tonight.  It seems like an eternity ago.  1000 miles in the car (20 hours), three games and already an experience of a lifetime. When we think about football (soccer), two countries stand out, Brazil and Italy.  They have won the World Cup 9 times between them.  When you consider that the World Cup is held every four years, that is true domination.  College or Professional sports in the US doesn’t hold a candle to this.  We simply cannot understand it.  Imagine the stadium in Belo Horizonte filled with 95%+ Colombian fans, all cheering, all having traveled to see their national team.  The passion is unparalleled.

Colombian fans

Colombian fans








Argentina vs Bosnia at the legendary Maracana Stadium the home of a match that had over 175,000 people.  350 million invested in renovating and I have to say what an amazing job.  I have been to the San Siro, the Bernabeau etc.  This is the best by far.  Not only is the stadium beautiful but the lighting is remarkable.  Bright, even and a photographers delight.  The colors simply pop.

Argentina fans


The Argentine fans were crazy about there team and had the opportunity

to cheer about five minutes into the game when they scored.  From a quality

standpoint, probably the worst thing that could have happened.  Neither team

blew me away with their performances.



But then there is the maestro.  To me, the two best players in the world are Messi and Pirlo.  Pirlo is now older, a fine wine who orchestrates the game in a way that nobody else can do.  Messi has many of the same qualities but is in his physical prime.  If I were starting a team, give me Messi not Christian Rinaldo.  Messi is the whole deal, attitude, performance etc.  Christian Rinaldo is physically gifted, but that is where it ends.

Lionel Messi











Tomorrow, back to Belo Horizonte!


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