Arrival in Brazil!!

Well, finally at the airport and on my way.  I realized that I have heard so many negatives about safety in Brazil that I need to ignore this and have a good time.  Uneventful flight except that this was probably the least well organized flight attendant that I have ever seen.  Made it through customs, no problem but then waiting for my bags.


The crazy thing is that clothing occupies part of one of the suitcases.  Everything else is for photography….ouch.


Picked up by Bill Lytton, he has been great, to his left is Marcio who I have nicknamed Jiff since at Bill’s request I brought eight pounds of creamy Jiff peanut butter.  The good news is that Bill is fluent in Portugese.










The place I am staying is interesting!  No AC (shoot me), but reasonable in a safe neighborhood.  Shown below are the kitchen and my room.















So that’s all for now, tomorrow, credentials and tickets.  Hopefully the torrential rain will stop.

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